Will this make my mom an immigrant?

Oh, but really?  No.  You must be fucking kidding me. Rick Perry’s talking about seceding from the union?

Courtesy CNN’s Alexander Mooney:

“There’s a lot of different scenarios,” Perry said Wednesday as crowd members shouted calls for secession. “We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

As one commenter over at CNN said:

The Dixie Chicks (entertainers) say they are embarrassed by W and they get death threats and are called traitors, but Perry whips a mob into a frenzy saying he wants to kiss the great USA goodbye and this government official suffers no harsh ridicule from the right? Texas, please put some grown-ups in charge.

Now I’m sure there are some who think that what Texas does or doesn’t do is really Texas’ business and that I should just stay out of it.  But come on: secession?!  Really?  Really?! 

Oh, right.  Not really.  Or something.  You see, that was Wednesday.  Now, Governor Perry is back-pedalling on the secession talk.  We misinterpreted his comments.  Right.  How many times do pols get to say this?  Surely one day those words will form in some politician’s mouth and just explode right there, on his or her tongue, so we never have to hear them again.

I have to imagine that the rabid crowd with their tea bag high didn’t actually understand the word ‘secession.’  After all, they started chanting, “USA!  USA!” when Perry was talking about … hmm … what was that again?   Oh yes: quitting the USA.  Maybe they just figured if Perry was saying it, it must be something they should cheer about.  And what better cheer is there to show what major league patriots they are than “USA!  USA!” right? 

Well … except that saying you want to break ties with your country doesn’t seem all that patriotic.

The tea-baggers and their windbag guv are angry with “those people in Washington.”   Perry says the US government has become too oppressive, that it gets too involved in state business.  Maybe.  Maybe the government should have left Texas to its own devices after the last few hurricanes.  Rita, anyone?  Ike?  Oh, maybe the tea-baggers forgot that it was federal relief money they asked for after those storms. 

Cenk over at The Young Turks has a few things to say about all this:

And what, you may be wondering, does all this have to do with my mom?  She’s from Texas, doncha know.  Born and raised.  Yes, and the mother of three elitist northern snobs New Yorkers.  Go figure.  If Texas secedes, will she become a foreigner retroactively?  Will I get to have dual citizenship?

(I know not all Texans are listening to Perry with joy.  I know that.  I just wish I could hear more from the sane people.)

7 thoughts on “Will this make my mom an immigrant?

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  2. molly

    wow, girlgriot! interviewed, AND dear and respected.
    as for Texas, well. there are some pretty weird people in the world. quitting the US + USA!USA! is amazing.


    1. Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with Governor Perry … or any of the crazies cheering him on. I include Fox News in the ranks of the crazies, I have to say. Fox has been the biggest cheerleader for the tea parties in general, and Fox reporters in Texas seemed quite happy to stir up the people around them by saying ‘secession’ a few times, almost at random.


    1. I haven’t talked to my mom about this yet. We got caught up talking about something else the other night and I forgot to bring this up. I have to check in with her on this one. I wouldn’t say she identifies as a Texan in the way she probably used to (having only to do with the fact that she hasn’t lived there since she left home for college), but this has to be catching her attention.


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