Monday’s coming …

… and it will bring the next steps in this unpleasant course I’ve been charting for the last ten days.  I think I may be close to the finish line, but I’m not sure.

In the mean time, I’ve had a weekend of not thinking about any of it, surprisingly enough.  Even spending most of the day at work yesterday didn’t pull me back in.  Odd how our brains can do that.  I told myself I wanted a weekend free … and I gave myself a weekend free.

I’m reading a book, my apartment quiet, my cats sleeping at my feet.  Tomorrow will get here soon enough.  Tonight?  Tonight I’m writing a tanka for my kitten-men:

the boys snore softly
my tiny, tired old men
running hard all day
one curls paws over his eyes
one stretches flat, prone, open


8 thoughts on “Monday’s coming …

    1. The boys are good for distracting me from worrisome things. I’ve had them almost two years now, and we seem to have settled into a groove — they don’t wreck as much stuff as they used to, and I’ve stopped laboring under the misconception that my house is kitten-proof!


  1. nice! Now, if your cats are like the cats I’ve met they will be understated in their response to this honorable tanka 🙂

    I hear you about a low key weekend – I took one too. Though full of “stuff” my brain wasn’t full.


  2. Marvin Kleinau

    I’m waiting. Waiting for Smokey, my twenty year old buddy, to tell me its time to go home to whatever resting place cats have.He eats everything in sight, but can’t hold it down and for the past six months has been howling in a sort of panic mode. Maybe he has a right to do that; he is blind. We moved last year and only took him six days to “know the place.” Each day he ventured out to explore a new room. I was glad he started with the laundry room where the litter box is located.
    Smokey has guarded our property all these years with a kind of loyalty one could expect only from someone who appreciated regular meals and a lot of petting. Oh, his efforts cost me money, lots of money. He was sliced open pretty good by a stray dog that was twice his size.
    And his high blood pressure meant expensive medicine administered with prompt and gentle care each morning. Number one on the daily program.
    Of course all cat lovers know it is worth the time, money and effort, especially when you have a cat who will come running from wherever he is, whenever he is called. If your Smokey climbs up on your lap, looks you straight in the eyes (even though you know he can’t see you) and licks your nose, you know the dilemma I face. Every day I ask him. “how you doing big guy? Is this the day?” No answer yet. I hope there never is.


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