Broken Record

there must be more here
I must know other stories
right now, I know one
this same tale, wrapped and re-wrapped
my needle stuck in its groove

That’s what I feel like these last several days: Oh, woe is me! Oh, I’m unhappy! Oh, what do I do now?

Feh. As if I didn’t know. There’s only one thing to do: move on. Get past it. Get on with the business of the forty-leven things on my to-do list. Exactly. Got to jump this track before I annoy myself to death. So. Enough.


6 thoughts on “Broken Record

  1. molly

    Good luck with moving on. Please be as kind and patient with yourself over this as you would be with one of your students or with a friend. You deserve the same courtesy. Sometimes we get stuck in a groove because we have no adequate outlet for our frustration. Whatever it is, I am on your side.


    1. Thank you, Molly. I tried hard through this whole process to think of exactly this, to try to be a kind to myself as I would be to a friend or one of my students. It was hard, though. Really hard to give myself that space.


  2. Don’t you sometimes wish you could just fast forward to that time when you will have put this behind you? I mean, you know you’ll get there, but the getting there can feel so agonizingly slow.

    But I like the tanka.

    (Also, I just noticed your Just Posts page today. Thanks so much for spreading the word!)


    1. Oh, what I would have given for a ‘fast forward’ button my life these last couple of weeks!

      You’re welcome for the page. I might have done it eventually, but in the end I did it because I couldn’t seem to get the image to show up in my sidebar, and I didn’t want to lose the link. Now it’s practically part of my header, which surely makes it much more visible to folks.


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