Searching …

icons in windows
virgin marys, rosaries
huge eyes of horus
protection, comfort, power
we keep reaching, needing, more

For some reason, on the bus this morning I started noticing all the crucifixes, madonnas, hands of fatima, ankhs, etc. in house and shop windows on my way down to Atlantic Avenue.  I was surprised both by the numbers of items and by the fact that I’d never noticed them before.  I live in a very ‘churchy’ neighborhood, of course, but I was still surprised by how many figures there were and by their prominent placement in front windows.


5 thoughts on “Searching …

  1. Hey. (I just read your “Hey” page.)

    You once left a comment on a post about Books over at our blog, but I didn’t head over here. And then today I was looking at that same post and saw your name, clicked on it, and wa-la, here I am. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten here sooner.

    I’m not sure where you live, but where I live it’s pretty Catholic, and the Catholics are, like me, into their icons. I’m sitting in my writing room and see a picture of Madonna and child, plus a bunch of angels and saints my daughters have painted. And some ex-votos on the wall, which are the prayers common people make to saints to help them through a particular crisis. But I also have a bunch of scary masks on the wall, from Peru. Reminder that death and life are all intertwined.

    Of all the art there is, religious art is my favorite, because it is embued with all the hocus pocus of religion. And it makes me feel safe. And loved. But I don’t display them in the front window. I wonder if that’s about keeping evil out, like those stickers that say “AAA Alarm” or something like that. It’s like, OK evil things, don’t even come in here!

    Sorry my comment is longer than your post.


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