Hello, you must be going …

… if only.   I had the unfortunate ‘honor’ on my way to work this morning, of overhearing one of the most shallow, self-obsessed, and obnioxious conversations I’ve ever heard.  On the one hand, I suppose it’s interesting that someone  could be so blissfully unaware that she could have such a conversation.  But ‘interesting’ isn’t really an excuse.

your conversation
a sharp needle in my brain
tone of your bored voice
dismissive wave of your hand
you smile, high on your words


I’m beyond tired these days, and my posts show it.  Things are looking good for some long-windedness in the near future, however.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


5 thoughts on “Hello, you must be going …

  1. molly

    Isn’t public transport wonderful? I think it has replaced the square or park as the place where you can get an idea of who lives in your town. For better, and just as often, for worse. You don’t get a feel for the folks in cars. But you can see them on TV, right?
    I am ready for your long-windedness. And I hope you can get some rest soon.


  2. These challenges are so amazing, don’t you think? Forces you to really listen and watch the world around you. Reminds me of a crazy conversation I couldn’t totally understand yesterday, until it was totally translated and I could identify the players.


    1. Hey, Bonnie, glad you decided to take the challenge! I don’t remember if I ever responded to your question from ages ago about the form for tanka. The basics: the syllables-per-line count is 5-7-5-7-7; each line should express a complete image; the whole poem should express a single emotion … and if you’re feeling up to an additional challenge, the third line should be a pivot point, enabling the poem to be read as two three-line poems with that third line as the final line in one poem and the first line in the second. Have fun!


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