Getting to know you …

Today was, finally, the taping for the Telemundo interview.  Our first date was postponed because of some late-breaking sotry, so today was the rain date.  Best of all, having to drive out to the studio in New Jersey meant I got to spend some quality drive time with my co-worker (and fellow interviewee), a man I like and respect very much but with whom I rarely get to chance to just sit and talk, uninterrupted.

warm, sun in April
road trip with a new old friend,
detail on detail
my life, his life, work life, all
sharing stories there and back

Oh, the taping?  Think I’ll keep those moments of humiliation to myself for now!




7 thoughts on “Getting to know you …

  1. molly

    you know, I just realized that looking at the group of words on the right of the comments, I have always thought it said “teaching things I love”. I just no realized that these are actually two categories.


    1. That’s so funny because I always think the same thing when I look at that list. I know it’s two separate categories, but they always look like one. And in some ways, of course, they are because I am definitely teaching things I love!


    1. Thanks, Stacey. It was hard for me to accept the no capitals, no end punctuation rule. I guess I’m a little more rigid than I’d have thought! Now that I’ve been writing tanka since the start of the month, it feels more natural to leave out the caps and the periods.


  2. I hope it went a little better than it seemed right afterward. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else’s view was more positive. Anyway, I’m glad you did it and glad it’s over!


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