So soon …

our lives in school years
seem so long in September
but nine months (not twelve)
fly fast, leaving us in spring
too soon to say our goodbyes

I am thinking about the wonderful social work interns we’ve had with us this year.  We only get to have them for the school year — for their school year, which is shorter than ours — and then they’re off to their next placement.  We get attached.  The students get attached.  And then we have to say goodbye long before we’re ready.  Suddenly I’m realizing that we have just two weeks left with this group!  That seems completely impossible.  It means a whole school year is practically gone, means we’re nearly in summer, means time is flying at some crazily accelerated speed with which I cannot hope to keep pace.

I’ll be sad to see them go.  Of course, we’ll have new interns in the fall, but they won’t be the same.  And “the fall” is so far away.




2 thoughts on “So soon …

  1. both my parents were teachers, so in my family, New Year’s Day means nothing compared to September & the first day of school–that’s when the year really begins…no other calendar matters


    1. Even when I had finished college and was in ‘the real world’ for a while (not a student or yet a teacher), my time still ran on the academic calendar. I confused so many people that way!


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