And when’s that vacation going to be?

Mayor’s office meeting
State Ed, job training, budgets
a day of BUSY
welcome to the working week
time slipping through my fingers

Today was one of those days, the kind that just runs at a crazy breakneck pace from beginning to end.  A crazy whirlwind.  Not a bad day, just hard to keep hold of.  And as the dust settles I realize that somehow it’s been decided that I’ll be heading up to the NYACCE conference on Sunday, so I need to prepare for that. 

I had a fabulous bit of New-York’s-really-a-small-town today: We’re about to start writing a proposal for a new family literacy program and I was talking to someone last week about the process we went through at my old job and about the grant writer from the Board of Ed who worked with us on the proposal … and tonight as I took the bus uptown after my meeting at the Mayor’s office who should I see on the bus but that woman!  What are the chances?  I haven’t seen her since 2001, and there she was on the M1 with me.  Too bizarre.  She was pretty amazed that I recognized her.  (I mean, of course she was amazed, but it’s really not that amazing.  I have an uncanny ability to recognize people I haven’t seen in years and years.  She doesn’t know that, of course, and so she’s amazed.)  I am amazed at the perfect and lovely coincidence of talking about her last week and seeing her on the bus tonight.



As the man said:

2 thoughts on “And when’s that vacation going to be?

  1. that is a skill I wish I had! I have an amazing skill of being so focused that I don’t see or hear people trying to get my attention – my mom had it too. “mom, mom, mom, FIRST NAME!” then she’d turn. That’s me.

    I am in the workweek boat with you! I blink and more time seems to slip away. Like this moment right here – lunch is over…sigh.


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