Mix and Match

This morning I was over at Two Writing Teachers and saw Ruth’s prompt for today’s poem: to write an acrostic. At first I thought I’d have to ignore the prompt because of my insane lack of flexibility dogged insistence on writing tanka every day. But then I realized that I could maybe do both.  After all, there are plenty of 5-letter words!  And so today’s poem:

without energy
every step slow, slower still
a losing battle
run down to mute, faded core
yearning for one night of rest

I’m so pleased to see that my little pick-n-mix can work!


8 thoughts on “Mix and Match

    1. Thanks, Gwen! This has been an interesting challenge for me … interesting enough that I’m going to try to keep going, keep writing a tanka a day and see what happens. I don’t know if I’ll keep posting one a day, though. Trying to make that midnight deadline got a little stressful after a while!


  1. molly

    hey, did you just invent a new art form? good for you! I think the poem came out very well. Very. I’m impressed.
    (I am sure you meant to type “yearning” — excuse me for saying so, I’m a teacher like you).
    The only other acrostic poem I ever liked was Salman Rushdie’s, when he was hiding out. He wrote it for his son Zafar, who he didn’t see for a long time:

    Zembla, Zenda, Xanadu:
    All our dream-worlds may come true.
    Fairy lands are fearsome too.
    As I wander far from view
    Read, and bring me home to you.


    1. Did I invent a new form? Wouldn’t that be so funny? There are plenty of five-letter words out there. I guess I need to get started!

      I love this poem! I’d never read it before. And I love the name Zafar.


  2. foxrafer

    I wrote an acrostic yesterday. I was going to make you go over to my journal to see it but it’s probably safe to expose a little of myself over here (especially considering this isn’t your newest post)

    Vigorously supporting favored sports teams
    Impassioned speakers with intoxicating voices
    Glowing pride in their children
    Burning sex appeal that leaves us breathless
    Explosive portrayals of complicated men
    Animated approach to life
    Naughty when they want to be


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