Tuckered (but not ‘tanka-ed’) Out

All I seem able to do lately is say I’m exhausted and post a poem, say I’m exhausted and post a poem.  Yeah, well … 

so many missteps
so much I have forgotten
soft lips against skin
I find this path back to you
my touch reading you like Braille

It amazes me that today is April 29th and I have written a poem every day this month — and some days more than one!  I know I keep talking about how I can’t believe I’m writing poety, but I actually mean something different this time.  The fact that I have been disciplined enough to push myself to write every day and focus enough to pull together a poem each day, really surprises and pleases me.  I am always thinking I don’t have time to fit my writing in … well, clearly that isn’t an excuse I can use now.



3 thoughts on “Tuckered (but not ‘tanka-ed’) Out

  1. Bravo Stacie,
    This creative outpouring has to make you feel good. I am loving your format, not that I have taken up the challenge, but I love reading your pieces. With my work with digital storytelling, I have come to love what we can do with less, mashing powerful words with images. I am working with 6th graders now, pushing their stories to their purist form.
    It’s so exciting.


    1. I’m pretty surprised by and pleased with myself, it’s true. I love the compact form of the tanka, the distillation that it forces in my use of words. And I love to see the way you use your photography with your writing.


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