Getting to know you …

Today was, finally, the taping for the Telemundo interview.  Our first date was postponed because of some late-breaking sotry, so today was the rain date.  Best of all, having to drive out to the studio in New Jersey meant I got to spend some quality drive time with my co-worker (and fellow interviewee), a man I like and respect very much but with whom I rarely get to chance to just sit and talk, uninterrupted.

warm, sun in April
road trip with a new old friend,
detail on detail
my life, his life, work life, all
sharing stories there and back

Oh, the taping?  Think I’ll keep those moments of humiliation to myself for now!



Where’s that vodka when I need it?

A little super learning would go down right just now.  I haven’t had a chance to focus much on Spanish class, and it shows.  I think Gustavo was more than a little surprised at how much I couldn’t say in class today.  So frustrating.

tripping and stumbling
my words spill out haltingly
I’ve studied so long
still I make the same mistakes
where is my breakthrough moment

Maybe it isn’t as bad as all that, but it felt that bad.  And no lessons at all next week, so I need to make some time for studying before the next class!


A Slight Return

Jimi in my ears
each beat makes my iPod smile
his guitar so good
vibrating through my body
laughs and whispers, calls my name


Definitely one of the better days of the last two weeks.  At last!  I don’t think I’m fully out of the woods, but I’m closer.

Today was the dreaded geometry portion of the math workshop series … and I got through it with only one brief moment of panic.  I have to say it again, Steve is the most outstanding teacher.  It shouldn’t be possible for someone to make me do geometry and not leave me scarred.  And yet there I was …  Amazing.

In yesterday’s morning class and tonight’s evening class I tried out the first of Steve’s lessons with my students.  Fabulous.  My students had so much fun.  They really got into it, and I had such a good time with them.  Can’t wait to continue the lesson next week.

It’s hard to believe there’s only a week left of this month.  Harder, still, to believe I have actually managed to write a poem a day this month … and that they’ve all been tanka!  I’ll admit that I’m pretty impressed with myself.  Maybe it’s time for me to stop saying how I’m not a poet.  I may not be a great poet, but I’m clearly capable of writing poems.  (My mother is shaking her head right now, thinking, “Does she forget that she used to write poems all the time?”  No, I haven’t forgotten, but — and you really have to admit this is true — those poems were mostly pretty painfully bad.  The ones I write now are a bit better, and some of these tanka may even be pretty good!)

So, for this last week of April, Stacey and Ruth are hosting a poem-a-day challenge, and a handful of intrepid souls have jumped in. Last year I doubted I could do a whole week.  This year I’ve already done three weeks … and there have been a few days when I’ve written more than one!  This is as amazing to me as having had fun in geometry class this afternoon.  One of the first things I read when I started checking out the tanka form was about keeping a tanka diary, writing tanka to capture the dominant emotion of each day.  So maybe I’ll keep this us for a while, see just how far I can push myself, see if I can break through that wall between ‘ok’ and ‘good.’


Hello, you must be going …

… if only.   I had the unfortunate ‘honor’ on my way to work this morning, of overhearing one of the most shallow, self-obsessed, and obnioxious conversations I’ve ever heard.  On the one hand, I suppose it’s interesting that someone  could be so blissfully unaware that she could have such a conversation.  But ‘interesting’ isn’t really an excuse.

your conversation
a sharp needle in my brain
tone of your bored voice
dismissive wave of your hand
you smile, high on your words


I’m beyond tired these days, and my posts show it.  Things are looking good for some long-windedness in the near future, however.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Searching …

icons in windows
virgin marys, rosaries
huge eyes of horus
protection, comfort, power
we keep reaching, needing, more

For some reason, on the bus this morning I started noticing all the crucifixes, madonnas, hands of fatima, ankhs, etc. in house and shop windows on my way down to Atlantic Avenue.  I was surprised both by the numbers of items and by the fact that I’d never noticed them before.  I live in a very ‘churchy’ neighborhood, of course, but I was still surprised by how many figures there were and by their prominent placement in front windows.