Odd is as odd does …

today’s an Odd Day
this five, seven and nine day
an odd and rare day
we’ve two years ’til the next day
and there’s nothing else to say

Ok, so that was silly.  I discovered that today is one of only 5 days of its kind, and that these days only come around every 100 years.  An “Odd Day” when the date is three consecutive odd numbers: 5/7/9.  The last time this particular odd day happened, was in 1909.  I was charmed by this.  Yes, there are also “Even Days” but there are more of them, so they aren’t quite as exciting.  And, too, my birthday is one of these days and will be again in 4 years: 9/11/13.  Dig that.

So I made this completely unimportant discovery while looking for something else during break tonight, and it fit so well with the conversation we’d been having about the skill of pattern recognition (as we continue studying right and left brain dominance), so I went into class after break and wrote the list on the board (1/3/5 and 3/5/7 and 5/7/9 and 7/9/11 and 9/11/13) and let them have at it.  They came up with a few patterns I hadn’t thought of and then figured out the consecutive-odd-numbers bit.   They were pleased with themselves for doing it, but definitely not charmed the way I was.


8 thoughts on “Odd is as odd does …

  1. molly

    that is just so cool. 5/7/9 was also my husband’s 64th birthday. I will have to tell him what an odd day it was. I already told him I will still need him and feed him.
    can I go back in age, and you can be my teacher?


    1. Excellent, not only will he be needed and fed, his birthday’s an Odd Day!

      How flattering that you’d like to be my student, Molly! I don’t know if I can arrange the age reversal, but if you ever come to Brooklyn, you’d be welcome to visit one of my classes. (Well, you know, provided I haven’t moved to Jamaica by then!)


  2. Huh! (I didn’t know your birthday was 9/11. Do you perchance recall I was actually going to visit you in NYC about 9/11/01, and then ended up not being there, simply because I ran out of money for the trip?) Funny to think I’ve lived through only three three-consecutive-odd-number days, and there will be only three more in the entire rest of my life, at best: 7/9/11, 9/11/13, and 11/13/15.


    1. Oh dear! I’m clearly having some pattern recognition issues over here! I’d forgotten about 11/13/15 all together! So there are actually the same number of odd days as there are even days. Thanks for shaking my brain a little!

      Yes, I remember that you were going to come to NYC. I also remember being woefully out of touch with everyone after 9/11 and so many people worrying that something terrible had happened to me. Not the best time to fall silent, that’s for sure.


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