90 Millas

light lavender clouds
washing across pale-dusk blue
on my slow way home
Yemaya’s song in my ears
tonight I feel like Stacie

Walking down Court Street, a new pedicure, Gloria Estefan on my iPod, new dance videos in my bag.  It’s a good night.

It was also a conscious decision.  I’m tired of being fussy and sad, angry and suffocated.  So I left work with a plan — make myself feel better.  This song is one of the ones that always does the trick.  I put it on ‘repeat’ and all is well.

Over the weekend I wrote another Yemaya tanka:

dreaming of Brazil
dreams of Yemaya, mother
not holding my breath
not wanting to wish too hard
but wanting this like water 


I wish I’d found the music video for this song.  I’ve always liked Gloria Estefan, always thought she was cute and fun.  Never had any idea how amazing she was until I heard her in Spanish.  This album was the sound track to my Mexico trip last summer.  I couldn’t get it out of my head.


11 thoughts on “90 Millas

  1. It is interesting the different quality in her voice in Spanish music versus american pop. I like both too. Whoever did this video picked some interesting pictures. *g*

    How come this post doesn’t show up on the main page? I did a refresh and the first post was still A Friend in Need.


    1. Yes, exactly, it’s as if she’s another singer … even as she sounds just like herself. It’s a wonderful album. Next time I see you, I’ll play you the song she does with Santana (that was my first favorite song on the album). You will love it!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I know what you mean about letting the music make to feel better. There have been many a day that I too turn to Gloria for that mood. Mi Tierra is a staple in my house.


    1. Thank you, Tisha … for telling me about Mi Tierra. I definitely need to check that out.

      There are a lot of songs that can lift me the way “90 Millas” does (like the songs of Conjunto Cespedes, an Afro-Cuban group that blows me away). It’s one of the things I love about music!


  3. I agree about Gloria’s Spanish album. I love it and play it often. I love music with lyrics I can’t understand. Call me crazy.
    As for music, BRING IT ON! I’m taking that walk with you


    1. Hi, Bonnie — I just love this album. I found the lyrics online (in Spanish) and I can mostly understand them, but she sings so fast sometimes, my tongue isn’t able to keep up with her (because yes, of course I sing along!).


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