I’ve been listening to Vernon Reid’s most excellent guitar on my iPod the last few days (finally stopped listening to “90 Millas”), and it reminded me of going to see Living Color in concert about a thousand years ago.

Fox and I were on line outside the theater (Fox, where was that? Not at the Ritz, but where?). We were excited to have gotten there early enough to be assured of getting standing spots right up at the stage.¹ We were talking with the older guy behind us and the guys  who were behind him, joking around, waiting for the doors to open.

When the doors finally opened, there was almost no movement, and at first no one could figure out why.  Then the word moved down the line: they were searching everyone for weapons.  We all shook our heads, thinking how insane it would be for anyone to bring a weapon, annoyed that we’d have to be searched.  The older guy was pretty upset about it, got a little nasty in his appraisal of the people who’d decided the search was necessary.

Then we made it up to the door and what to our wondering eyes should appear?  Turned out the older guy had a stun gun in his jacket.   A stun gun.  For what reason, exactly, would you bring a taser to a concert?

Yeah.  And in answer to that question about why anyone would need to be searched before entering the concert …



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In other, tanka-related news.  I’m still writing.  I think I’m only going to post when a) they are directly related to the day’s post or b) I particularly love them (not the case today).  Tonight, however, I’m off to writers’ group to have a whole slew of them critiqued.  (Nearly a month’s worth all at once.  Should be interesting!)


¹  Oh, I feel another memoir coming on.  Fox and I have such a concert-going history: funny, scary, telepathic …  Maybe next week.

6 thoughts on “Stunned

    1. I’m pretty much a prose girl, too, Susan. The poetry is quite a surprise for me. I would never have thought this much poetry from my hand in this short a time would be possible!


  1. It might have been the new Ritz, not the lovely cozy place we saw Oingo Boingo but the new one with the balcony. (I like how you stopped at the weapons search and not at the violent melee on the floor. *g*) I don’t honestly remember where it was, but it was definitely an experience.


  2. I think you’re right that it was the new Ritz. Same place I saw Johnny Clegg with the Morphine Man.

    I’m saving the ‘violent melee’ for another post! 🙂


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