SOL: Sharing Is Caring

Today’s Slice-of-Life is a little different.  Kind of like the public-radio-pledge-drive edition.

I’m hoping that some of you who check in here from time to time will be able to help out the lovely folks at Alternatives for Girls. I found out about them and the needs of their community library when I checked out Color Online the other day.  I’m inviting you over to their site.  I’ve only read through a handful of their pages, and I’m ready to join the fan club.  They do some wonderful things.  If I didn’t love the hell out of my program, this is exactly the kind of place I’d want to work.

They’re having a book drive right now.  You could pick out something from their wishlist at Powell’s, or send over a few gently used books.  If you comment here about what books you donate, I promise to send AfG one book for every two books posted here. (Thanks, Edi, for this excellent and fun challenge idea.)

To send donations directly, mail books media rate to:


Thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful group. If you have any questions, please contact Susan at


10 thoughts on “SOL: Sharing Is Caring

  1. I am so on that cause!
    I am trying to figure out how to have my students participate in organizing an initiative like the library for girls. We are in a country where the culture is not to read (unless you are a student in an international school) and others who want to can’t afford to purchase books, and have no public libraries to go to.

    This is one of my many goals!


    1. I’m inspired by this idea, too, Tisha. We get a lot of books donated at work, so our library’s pretty well stocked at the moment. My goal is to get more students to use the library!


  2. Girl Griot, thank you so much!

    T, our girls aren’t encouraged to read either and for many we are the only library. I started building our collection by collecting cans. Really. I returned cans and bought books with the money. Any room that can be converted into a library or reading room is a start. For us, just creating a space where participants had access to books was huge.

    Students might want to donate books they are either too old for or know they will not re-read. Maybe host reading room days at the school. Invite children for simple refreshments and a story-time or reading time. Offer to give books to attendees.

    Many of our girls have donated books. We have residents in our shelter who are very happy to give back to others.


  3. Thanks so much for joining in supporting this program. Programs that support youth are hurting everywhere, but the pain is critical in Michigan. Reading is essential to getting these girls the skills to rise above.


    1. Thank you, Edi, for the challenge idea. I will donate some books no matter what, but I hope I’m ‘forced’ to donate even more because people meet my challenge!


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