Flights of Angels

skin caramel gold
blond dreads, sly grin, handsome face
gone from us all now
how can he, so young, be dead
how can my heart understand

Tonight I learned that one of my friends in Jamaica has died.  I really can’t process it.  This is the second friend in less than a year.  Certainly I didn’t know either of them as well as I could have, as well as I would have if I had spent more time in Jamaica before losing them.  But both were so nice with me, both made me smile, both reached out to me in their different ways.  First Jackie, now Kenrick.  And I can’t help but think that I could have seen both one more time, made just a few more memories, if I’d gone to Jamaica last year instead of Mexico.  And now that chance is lost.




6 thoughts on “Flights of Angels

  1. Thanks, Molly and Alejna. Found out yesterday that he died of an asthma attack. That makes the news even harder to accept. Asthma doesn’t have to be a killer. How could that have happened? I really can’t process it.


  2. molly

    I have heard of people dying of an asthma attack, even in places where asthma is treated. Things like this happen. I’m really sorry.


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