SOL: Flowers have all the fun.

Fox, my mom and I went to Brookside Gardens on Saturday to check out the butterfly house.  I could have spent the whole day and Sunday, too, in that little greenhouse full of glorious flying colors.  I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I could/should have.  I was too busy laughing and marveling and just plain enjoying the excellent pleasure of it.  I’ve never seen so many butterflies … and I’ve certainly never seen most of the kinds of butterflies that were flitting about on Saturday.  Favorites?  Hard to say.  The gorgeous (and elusive) Blue Morpho would have to be up there on the list.  Fox and I spent most of our time there trying to catch one sitting still with open wings (when they land, they tend to close up their wings, and the undersides are brown, not blue).  But I also loved the Question Marks and the Malachites and the Julia Longwings and …  Yeah, you get the idea.

And here’s a little more of the idea:

atala3    This is an Atala.

CSE great yellow mormon male    And here’s a male Great Yellow Mormon (this is one of Fox’s pics).

emerald swallowtail    This is an Emeral Swallowtail, definitely a favorite.  In fact, I have to put up more pics of him so you can really see how glittery he is …

emerald swallowtail5          emerald swallowtail4

paper kite6   And here’s a Paper Kite.

Maybe the coolest thing about the day was having so many butterflies landing on us.  They were in our hair, on our arms and necks and hands.  It was absolutely magical.  I would guess that flowers are happy to give up their nectar to such lovely seekers.

Here are a couple of photos of the famous Blue Morpho.  They’re big and so elegant.  Their flight is more like gliding — long, graceful swoops and turns.  They were the stars of the day.

blue morpho10

blue morpho2  

question mark  This is a Question Mark … and why it’s called a question mark is a good question!    I had one of these riding the back of my neck for a while.  Very tickle-y.  I really had to fight my natural response to slap at things that land on me.  The staff would surely have frowned on it if I had spent the morning swatting their delicate charges!

CSE malachite2   Here’s a Malachite that clearly wanted to get in on the pictcure-taking.  He sat on my mom’s camera for a few minutes, scoping out a good shot.

CSE julia longwing   Here’s another of Fox’s photos: a Julia Longwing taking flight.

CSE leopard lacewing   And here’s a Leopard Lacewing who came for a ride on my shoulder (another Fox pic).  We didn’t know if it was the flowers all over my dress, my jasmine soap, or my cocoa buttered skin that got the flyers’ attention, but I was quite popular in the butterfly house.

I’m leaving out so much: the Blue Clipper and the Great Eggfly (so much prettier than his name!) and the Grecian Shoemaker (male and female), the Disturbed Tigerwing, the Tailed Jay …  And all that without talking about how loveliness of the garden itself.  Here’s a taste:

BSG CSE to gazebo

BSG gazebo2


9 thoughts on “SOL: Flowers have all the fun.

  1. WOW! I had a Blue Morpho on me once and felt so honored! I wonder what they think, if humans register as humans or just objects to land on/avoid…thanks for sharing such lovely photos…


    1. A Blue Morpho landed on my mom at the garden. They are just so lovely. I’d love to know what they think of us, too, if they have any sense of how excited we get about seeing them … they probably think we’re silly, running around ooo-ing and ahh-ing and trying to get the perfect photo!


    1. One of the museums here has had a butterfly house for several years now, and somehow I’ve never gone. What could I have been thinking? You know I’l be finding my way there this year!


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