Brain Strain

Despite last weekend’s pleasure of a morning in the sun with butterflies and family, I am struggling. I’ve been so silent for more than a month now, barely able to manage more than a post a week, if that.

It’s not for lack of subject matter. I think it’s more that there’s too much subject matter. Too many things — in the news, on the street, at work — for me to really focus on one at a time. I mean, I’m still trying to puzzle my way through Sarah Palin’s resignation speech!

Maybe this weekend — between grant writing and housework — I’ll find time to sort through some of the muddle.


8 thoughts on “Brain Strain

  1. juliebrock

    Enjoy the muddling, really. Some of the best bits come from the pressure cooking of our brains on all the stew-ish contents 🙂


    1. My brain is definitely feeling pressure-cooked these days. And looking ahead, I don’t really see this craziness letting up for a couple of months yet … and then I’ll be right back into it with school! Good thing I love my work! 🙂


  2. I know what you mean about the excess of subject matter. I’ve been feeling stuck with the blogging myself. When there’s overload, it’s hard to figure out where to dive back in. That’s why I opted to post photos of a potato masher.


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