Wednesday SOL: Checklist

So, let’s see …

  • More-work-than-I-thought-it-would-be final report for our ESOL grant? Check.
  • Solid working draft of the GED proposal? Check.
  • Headache big enough for five other heads? Check.
  • Happy-smiley emails back and forth with a woman who’s been on my nerves for the last couple of days? Check.
  • No time to relax between now and the middle of October? Check.


  • Did I get to meet my newest upstairs neighbor last night, and was she the tiniest, most adorable baby I’ve met in a long time? Check.
  • Do I get to hang out with a bunch of wonderfully smart women talking about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo tonight? Check.
  • Are my mom and Fox coming to New York for the weekend? Check.
  • Will I get to see my so-close-and-yet-so-far-because-I-can-never-get-out-there-to-visit-them family on Saturday? Check.
  • Ojos de Brujo’s “Todo Tiende” pulsing from the speakers in my office as I type this? Check.

Yeah, ok, so it all evens out in the end.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday SOL: Checklist

    1. Hmm … yes? We had a really good discussion about it, but there are issues. It might help to know that the title of the book in Sweden was Men Who Hate Women. Had I known that going in, it would have been helpful. There are some really good things about it, but there are other things that left me feeling annoyed and I didn’t know if they were problems with the writing or problems with the translation. So … am I recommending it? I think I’m still on the fence. I’ll probably read the sequel because the “girl” of the title is very compelling, but I might have to wait a while to do it in order to prepare myself for the varieties of ugly Larsson wrote about so (seemingly) casually. There’s a spoiler-filled review at the NYTimes that’s pretty on the money.


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