Lasting Impressions.

My sister is a big fan of Lord of the Rings, books and movies.  She’s a really big fan.  She is not this big of a fan:



These forearms belong to my student Carlos.¹  Each wears  the name of one of Carlos’ children … in Elvish.

Oh, you read that right.  In Elvish.  He explained to me that he studied the language just to learn how to write his son and daughter’s names for the tattoo artist.   Yes, you heard that right, too: he studied Toklien’s invented language so that he’d be able to have his children’s names inked on his arms.  Really.

I have to say, I love that.

It’s so wonderfully … well … geeky.  And geekiness doesn’t seem to fit Carlos at all.  You would never look at him (tough, no-nonsense, almost angry-looking) and think, “Oh, this guy would spend his free time studying Tolkien and learning Elvish.”  Now, for all I know, he’s not much of a Tolkien scholar and what’s on his arms doesn’t really spell out his children’s names.  I make no claim to knowing such things.  It matters not at all.  In this case, for me, it really is the thought that counts.

He also has one of these:

Yes, that would be his element … from Angels and Demons.  Really.  This is his newest one.  I can’t wait to see how this inking progresses.


¹  Carlos is now my former student, since he got his GED a few weeks ago!  We’re hard at work now getting him enrolled in the college transition program at one of the City University schools.  He’s going to study forensic science, and I couldn’t be more excited for him.


9 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions.

  1. geeks rule! I’ve been sprinkling my conversation with quotes from LOTR for a few days now…have you read Junot Diaz’s Oscar Wao? The depiction of men overall didn’t thrill me, but the lead character is a LOTR freak and Diaz fills the novel with obscure references to Galadriel, the Dark Lord, etc…


    1. I was supposed to read Oscar Wao for my book group a few months back. I started it and then got distracted and haven’t gone back. This is a good reminder to me to pick it up again.


  2. molly

    good for you for raising this young man, and good luck to him in continuing to grow. To me it is very exciting when people are enabled by people like you and, of course, themselves.


    1. Carlos makes me very happy. In truth, I had so very little to do with his success. He’s one of those students who just kind of zooms through unbelievably quickly. He was a great addition to our class, however, with lots of good humor and positive energy to share.

      While I think it’s cool that he wants to be a forensic scientist of some kind (his mind goes to CSI, mine — oldster that I am — goes to Quincy!), I wish he was planning to be an English Major. I’ve never met anyone with such a facility for interpreting poetry. His additions to our discussions were truly astounding.


    1. Thinking of getting a tatt, Mopsy, do tell!

      To know your element, I think you go with the one associated with your zodiac sign. I think I’m Earth.

      All this element talk makes me think, of course, of Earth, Wind and Fire … only missing Water to be a complete set!

      (“Come and see victory in a land called fantasy …)


  3. Rock on to Carlos. I like the Elvish touch. I am personally the offspring of a man who is deathly offended that they left Tom out of the Fellowship of the Rings and ranted at me for an hour over the phone about how Aragorn really doesn’t look like that.


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