That’s Where It’s At

That’s the repeated end-line from a song I’ve got rattling in my head these last few days.  Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto (really) from 1966 called “In the Basement.”  It’s a get-up-and-move number with excellent lyrics such as:

Now tell me where can you party, child, all night long?
in the basement, down in the basement.
Oh where can you go when your money gets low?
In the basement, down in the basement.
And if a storm is taking place, you can jam and still be safe
in the basement, down in the basement.

There’s no dance party going on in my basement, but I want to be spending time there all the same.  Aside from my washer and dryer, almost all my crafty crap is down there: yarn, fabric, beads …  I was down there every night for a week or so last summer getting my wardrobe ready for vacation, but I want to make it a little more inviting as a workspace.  A more thorough cleaning will be a good first step, but it needs more.  More lights, more organized storage, another — tinier — table for beadwork … and something to make it a little less “basement-like.”  I don’t know about Etta and Sugar Pie, but my basement is far from being ready for its close-up.

It’s not a finished space, but it is a lot of space.  I’ve got room for my sewing table, a laundry table, three sets of shelves, an old card-catalog I pulled off the street a few years ago* that’s great for beads, and an old file cabinet I inherited from an old apartment.  A lot of space.  Maybe this make-over will be a good end-of-summer project.

In the mean time, I’ll be down there finishing the skirt I started last night, cutting out the new dress I want for next week, deciding which fabric to use for the little corset tank I want to try …

There’s no cover charge or fee, and the food and drinks are free,
In the basement, down in the basement.
In the basement, that’s where it’s at.
In the basement, in the basement, in the basement
that’s where its at.


*  Definitely one of the perks of living across the street from a public school: they had the best ‘garbage’ of all my neighbors!


2 thoughts on “That’s Where It’s At

  1. I love Etta James. (You call tell Amy Winehouse put in her time listening to Etta James, too.) When I listen to her sing “Say It Isn’t So,” it’s all I can do not to burst into tears.


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