LUSH Life Redux

Yesterday I had a meeting in Manhattan which left me just around the corner from LUSH.  My day-to-day doesn’t usually land me in that part of town, so I couldn’t let the opportunity to stock up pass my by.

I’ve mentioned LUSH before. I continue to be completely wowed by their sales model.  I’ve never met a perkier, more excited sales crew than the children who work these stores.  Must be something in the heavily (and heavenly) scented air.  Or maybe it’s that they spend their days touching people — rubbing oils and creams on pretty much everyone who sets foot in the shop.

Yesterday I was assisted during my perfumed interlude by girl who looked about thirteen.  She entertained me with a dramatic re-enactment of the contortions she is forced to perform in her teenty-tiny shower if she hopes to use “Buffy” on the backs of her thighs.  Then I was invited to check out her long, bare leg — which she show-girl-kicked into the air so I could get a good look.  All so I could see how her skin was still sleek hours after she had Dream Creamed it that morning.¹

I would love to see the hiring and training processes these kids go through.  How do you recruit for “perky sensualists who enjoy feeling up strangers” and not wind up with a lot of creepy applicants?²


¹  Have to say, I was sold on the Dream Cream.  Not because of that high-flung leg but because of the way my own arm felt at the end of the day.  A tub of that went right into the basket with my Flying Fox, Honey Trap and Honey I Washed the Kids perfume.  This morning I showered with the chocolate-coffee goodness of Sonic Death Monkey — which, alas, has been discontinued.

²  And speaking of creepy applicants and of wacky sales training … Here’s a new-hire training that leaves me speechless (and glad that no one has ever sent me a balloon delivery from Qualatex or Beautiful Balloons!).


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