Meanwhile, on the other side of my brain …

Ok, so I posted my serious bit for the day, my righteous outrage and all that.  I wouldn’t want folks to think I’m all dour all the time.  I am, actually, quite shallow a good bit of the time, even when I’m being righteously outraged. 

Case in point: In my earlier post, I used a clip from The Young Turks because that’s how I found about about Boortz’s disgusting Katrina comment … but while writing about my anger and disgust, I really also wanted to be bringing your attention to something equally important:

Isn’t Cenk gorgeous?  I wanted to call this post “Turkish Delight,” but that seemed just a little too cheesy.  Yes, yes, we’ve established that I love Jay.  That hasn’t changed.  But Cenk … I totally have a crush on Cenk, too.  He’s smart and funny and says a lot of things that articulate much more fully what I’m thinking than I’m ever able to do, and pretty much always says something that interests, amuses, (shocks) or informs me.  Sometimes all at once.  And I love that he doesn’t hold back says what he wants to say about whomever he wants to say it.  And I don’t know, maybe it’s his new tan, but lately he is looking … well … fine.

Oh, the movie?  Whatever.  I just needed a clip that wasn’t as serious as the last one.  Ok, the movie.  I mostly like QT, and I love that kid from Freaks and Geeks.  So not the point here.  Look at Cenk, people.  Look. at. Cenk.

Your turn ...

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