Need to water the dirt …

… it’s the only way the flowers will grow, after all.

I’ve been asked to write an article for a journal on adult education and I’ve been trying to focus ideas so I can write a proposal for the next women-in-literacy book … and can I just say that my brain is DRY?

It’s funny.  I kind of felt as though I’d broken through something in August.  I was dead tired most of the month, but I still managed to do a LOT of writing.  I was able to push myself to get the words out of my head and onto the page.  And it felt good.  Felt lasting.  Ha.  Of course, just when I take my writing for granted, the bright green thread is lost.

I have ten days to get both pieces together.  And in that time I also have to move my office, slog through a registration for classes that we filled last week, get started with both of my classes … anyway, many things that need to happen before month’s end.

But none of those things will happen today or tomorrow.  So this weekend I’m watering the dirt.  I’m going to set everything else aside.  Am I worried about the ‘little hater‘?  Oh, sure, but I’ve beaten her before.  This time will be no different.


9 thoughts on “Need to water the dirt …

  1. GirlGriot,

    You are gifted and skilled teacher. You’ll work it out. Might stress a bit, but you’ll work it.

    Keep writing. Don’t forget us little people when you’re famous.


    1. Thanks, Susan! I took a little more time off for my dirt-watering than I’d thought I would, but classes started with a bang on Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to an excellent semester. And you know that when I’m famous, you’ll already be there, waving a welcome from that hallowed ground!


  2. I love that guy! And he sings, too…who knew? Don’t forget you’ve got a little lover inside, too; make sure HER mic is turned up nice and loud and you’ll be fine…


  3. dry brain…. “the little hater”…. haha! i so know what you mean. but ye shall prevail. i do hope all’s well with you. WRITE A STORM! i will try to do the same.



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