Party in My Pants

So the Just Pants … er … Posts are up at Collecting Tokens, and I’m inspired to take a step back from my recent (and ongoing) ire over the NYT‘s intrusion into my First Lady’s personal life and be out and out foolish for a moment.

Alejna, whose long and storied history with pants can only be hinted at here, has tagged me for a decidedly silly and fabulous meme.  (Oh yes, I obviously need to just shut up about the memes, right?  Clearly, I love them … Ok, yes I do, but I’m just as clearly conflicted.  Never mind.)

For the rules of this meme, I’ll quote Alejna:

If you want to join in, the game is played thusly: set your iPod to shuffle, and make a note of the songs that come up. Append the phrase “in my pants.” As many songs as you choose. If you have no iPod, come up with a list of songs of your choosing. If you have no pants, you may want to append instead the phrase “without pants.” Or you can write a 500-word essay discussing your current state of pantslessness.

So, without further ado, here is my Playlist of Pants:

  1. Tramp the Dirt Down in my pants — Elvis Costello
  2. Harry in my pants — Macy Gray
  3. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is in my pants — Chicago
  4. In the Basement in my pants — Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto
  5. A Sunday Kind of Love in my pants — Etta James
  6. Out of This World/So in Love in my pants — Nancy Lamott
  7. Come Tomorrow in my pants — Patti Scialfa
  8. Take My Anthem in my pants — Live
  9. Un Día Normal en mis pantalones — Juanes
  10. Stompin’ at the Savoy in my pants — Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  11. Wake Me Up in my pants — Nora Jones
  12. Little Red Rooster in my pants — Sam Cooke
  13. All Good Things (Come to an End) in my pants — Nelly Furtado
  14. Fat Bottomed Girls in my pants — Queen
  15. Don’t Stop Believin’ in my pants — Journey
  16. French Fries with Pepper in my pants — Morphine
  17. Helpless in my pants — Crosby, Stills and Nash
  18. Just Another Movie in my pants — Timbuk 3
  19. You Got the Look in my pants — Prince
  20. A Foggy Day in my pants — Mel Tormé
  21. Stone Free in my pants — Jimi Hendrix
  22. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man in my pants — Prince
  23. Dear Little Nightingale in my pants — Michael Franks
  24. Bad Luck in my pants — Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
  25. He Never Got Enough Love in my pants — Lucinda Williams

It’s quite wonderful to see that my music is so pants-ified.  Prince, for example, turns out to be all about pants (“Erotic City in my pants,” “Raspberry Beret in my pants,” “Little Red Corvette in my pants,” “The Pope in my pants” …).  And all this time I thought he was singing about sex.  Silly me.  But it seems everyone’s singing about pants — from Jill Sobule’s “Little Guy in my pants” to Bob Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier in my pants,” my whole playlist is pants!

You’re thinking this can’t be true.  What about jazz?  “Take Five in my pants,” anyone?  “Round Midnight in my pants,” perhaps?  Oh, what about classical music?  Hmm, “Hungarian Dances in my pants,” could get us started, and then we could move on to “Walking the Dog in my pants” and the numerous iterations of “Prelude in my pants.”

I’m just astounded by all of this.  Quite revelatory.

As for the tagging, Alejna tagged eleven.  I’ll let you tag yourselves.  Don’t have a blog, don’t want to post something so silly on your blog?  You could post your playlists in the comments …

10 thoughts on “Party in My Pants

  1. It amuses me the extent to which this amuses me. I’m so very glad you played along. And I must say that your playlist looks really good in pants. “Little Red Rooster in my pants” makes me giggle. Plus it’s fun to see what music is on your iPod.


  2. I get far too much joy out of these “in my pants” tunes. My humor is way juvenile. Look out for those French Fries with Pepper in your pants…seems like that would burn and possibly lead to a UTI.

    I do love your taste in music. A fellow Prince fan, we’re a special breed, you know. 🙂


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