One day soon …

… I’ll stop posting pictures from my trip.  But that day isn’t today. 

No plants today.  Today is all for the birds.  I felt so lucky to catch that doctor bird at the house, but I was having so much trouble getting photos of any other  kind of bird.  Along ‘my’ beach — the one closest to the house — I got to see lots of birds, but most made my work hard.  I’m not sufficiently skilled to know how to catch good shots of birds in flight, and the birds insisted on flying all the time.  Ther nerve!

I did get a few mostly-in-focus shots of some flyers, however:


And then, on my last day on the beach, I got lucky.  First there was this guy: P1030094


My little bit of research tells me that this is a Royal Tern.  He sat out there for quite a while letting me take his picture again and again.  And then he decided to phone a friend to share the photo op.




The last of my feathered friends swooped past my perch on the steps and landed in the shade under a tree nearby.

P1030099P1030101P1030102I don’t know what this one is.  I made a lucky guess with the royal tern and Google Images confirmed it.  Anyone have an idea what kind of bird this is?  I like her fawn-like spots.  I also like that she stayed near me for so long.  She didn’t seem to be paying me the least bit of attention.  She hung out in the shade for a while, then went strolling along the shoreline.

P1030135P1030136P1030137Maybe next time I’ll catch that little humming bird I found eating the cactus fruit!

6 thoughts on “One day soon …

    1. Funny, before I looked at your links, I thought you were just being silly. Who ever heard of a Limpkin? It almost looks right, but the beak is off and that Limpkin seems pretty big, I’m not sure.


      1. FoxRafer

        I know it sounds like a Dr. Seuss bird or something. But the beak is definitely off and I think it has to be the heron. Their plumage changes so dramatically from the babies to the adults.


    1. And now that I see that ‘juvenile’ photo, I think you may be right about the Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron. Thank your friend for me!

      (Update: Just took a look at the two photos side by side. Definitely the Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron! So great to know what I was looking at!)


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