The perks of friendship.

What was I up to tonight?  I was here:

Koh card

Koh is friends with my friend CJ (my partner in crime during last summer’s trip to Mexico), and because of that, he was kind enough to leave two tickets for me to tonight’s concert.  And while I don’t need any perks to be friends with CJ, this was a lovely one to get all the same.

I went with a friend who doesn’t listen to classical music and doesn’t know much (anything?) about it.  I was worried that she wouldn’t enjoy it, but she did.  It was cool to see someone experience a concert like that for the first time.  And the concert was great.  In the first half we had a soprano solist and two wonderful flutists.  After the intermission, it was all Koh and The Four Seasons.

All in all, an excellent evening.  Thanks, CJ!


2 thoughts on “The perks of friendship.

  1. Lovely! When I was in music school, we were obliged to attend a recital every Friday, generally featuring some form of classical music. I enjoyed it at the time, and look back on those few years with much fondness. How nice it would be to be able to do that now on such a regular basis!


    1. When I was in college, we had the chance to go to any number of performances. I went to only a very few. How silly of me! I had such a great time Sunday. I should be going to concerts and recitals much more often (ok, $50 a ticket is a bit prohibitive for “all the time,” but I could go sometimes).


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