The Writing on the Wall … in my pants

Alejna, our neighbor over at Collecting Tokens is wearing the pants again today … and, because Alejna is a role model for the pants ages, I thought I’d add a few tunes to my list.

These tunes aren’t random, however.  I have recently downloaded some from-my-formative-years music to my iPod.  And I am marveling to find that a) some of that music doesn’t much appeal today, b) some of that music does appeal today, and c) all of that music is about pants!

Cases in point: The Alan Parsons Project and Little River Band.

  1. The Gold Bug in my pants
  2. I Don’t Want to Go Home in my pants
  3. Nothing Left to Lose in my pants
  4. Fall from Paradise in my pants
  5. Cool Change in my pants
  6. Red-headed Wildflower in my pants

All this made me wonder if pantsification would work on my bookshelf …

  1. The Great Deluge in my pants
  2. The Girl Who Played with Fire in my pants
  3. The Omnivore’s Dilemma in my pants
  4. The Seabirds Are Flying in my pants
  5. When and Where I Enter in my pants
  6. The Chaneysville Incident in my pants
  7. Three Cups of Tea in my pants
  8. Team of Rivals in my pants
  9. Ourselves Growing Older in my pants
  10. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded in my pants

Clearly, the magic is never-ending!

4 thoughts on “The Writing on the Wall … in my pants

  1. Again, I should not enjoy this to the extent I do. You have a lot going on there in your pants. You have rival teams fighting but their revolt won’t funded. I guess that’s when you sit back and enjoy the three cups of tea in your pants which, after that volume of tea, naturally will lead to the great deluge in your pants. I love it.


    1. I see no problem with enjoying this as much as you are … of course I don’t: I’m clearly enjoying it just as much! There is quite a bit going on in my pants .. definitely a situation I need to take in hand!


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