Saw this one coming …

How foolish and funny is this:

1930s Marital Scale

You can take a 100-question husband or wife quiz (so fair-minded!).  I originally took the quiz about year ago and scored a 34, making me a “Poor” 1930s wife.  Yeah.  I took it again today …


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Quel surprise!  Clearly in a year I’ve come a little more into my own.   No 1930s husbands for me, thank you!

But what about 2009 husbands?  Is this quiz an indication of how ornery and set in my ways I am, how little I would be able to adapt to life as a wife?  Perhaps I should have AC take this quiz and see what kind of 1930s husband he would be.  Then we could compare results and decide if it could possibly make any sense for us to be married.

Yes, that’s right, using mindless internet quizzes to make major life decisions.  Exactly.

4 thoughts on “Saw this one coming …

  1. molly

    I got a 16, too, and I am a very, very good wife. So, now, see —- tadDAH!: it makes perfect sense for you to get married.
    And — how else are you going to make such a momentous, and at the same time, random decision?
    How many times in a lifetime do we meet somebody we would actually consider marrying? I infatuate easily, but when I look at what I would get on a daily basis (living in my fantasy world is one of my major activities), most men are just not possible. If you are even CONSIDERING this candidate, that is quite an important event.


    1. You’re so funny, Molly! Of course, I feel much better knowing that you are in the “16” camp with me. As for AC … what you say about how important it is that I’m even thinking about this is right on target.


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