On the road again …

Yes, I’ve left town for another conference.  This one’s the National College Transitions Network shingdig in Rhode Island.  Today I was here to present as part of a panel.  Our session went well: more people than we expected and lots of questions and conversation.  We were only marginally prepared — two of our group of four, including me, were last-minute substitutions and weren’t entirely sure what we were going to be doing — but somehow it all came together well and people seemed to like it.

And now I’ve made the surely irresponsible decision to stay over tonight so I can go to the morning sessions tomorrow.  I’m feeling guilty about not being in class tomorrow, but we already had a workshop scheduled for the day, so my students will be fine without me.    And, too, I’m learning all kinds of things to bring home and make class better for them, so I’m not exactly an ogre for missing tomorrow.

But this has got to be it for a while.  I love conferences, but I can’t keep running around like this.  I need quality time in my classrooms and in my office.  No more conferences until WE LEARN in March.  Period.

Your turn ...

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