Only my hairdresser knows for sure …*

… well, my hairdresser and TNT, apparently.

I like to believe I look pretty young (that pic on the “Kin” page is a couple years old, but I haven’t changed much).  I feel pretty young most days, and I certainly act painfully young a good percetage of the time.  True, at work I am surrounded by 20-something AmeriCorps members and interns, which is a constant reminder that I am not twenty years old, but it’s not making me feel one-hundred-and-twenty, either.

Last week I saw a commercial for TNT’s new series, Men of a Certain Age.  I’ve always wondered what that ‘certain age’ might be.  Well, I need wonder no longer.  The men in that show are 47.  I guess it makes sense to think of 47 as middle-aged …  Or at least it made sense when 47 was some distant, unimaginable age and I was 20 and not thinking about things like that anyway.  And it’s true that I described myself as middle aged in a recent post, but there’s a big difference between me saying it and hearing it thrown at me while I’m minding my own business, watching a TV commercial.  And, too, with all this 40-is-the-new-30 nonsense that I hear all over the place, TNT just seems mean, plain and simple.  Do I really need my wake-up calls from cable TV?

But becoming a woman of a certain age has its perks:

Yes, how much do you love Saffire?  I won’t say when I first heard this song.  Long enough ago that it made me blush.  Now it just makes me laugh.  Guess I had to grow into it, eh?  (Hmm … does the fact that AC is two years younger than I am make me a cougar?)


*  Never mind that the Miss Clairol commercial my title comes from is OLD and so using it dates me as sure as TNT’s commercial does.  Just never mind that.


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