No knight on a white horse, just a friend in need.

This day just got longer and longer until it became this night, which also got longer and longer.  Three student crises to manage tonight.  I knew I had two that needed sorting, and I’d put a plan in place for both.  Then, just before I was going to get started on the first one, Valerie walks in and tells me she is, once again, homeless.  She’s desperate, crying, looking more pinched than I’ve ever seen her.  I can’t drop everything and tend her, however, because I’ve got two other students and a teacher waiting for me to put on my “Director” hat and mediate their issues.  I send Valerie to class.

As I watch her walk away, I start dialing the phone, hoping to catch at least one counselor — from either job — in the office so I can get some ideas for how to start Valerie on the homeless shelter intake path.  I have no immediate luck, and still have those students waiting, so I call Mopsy to see if she has any ideas (that’s not random, of course, as Mopsy is a social worker among her many other talents).

Not only does she have ideas, she comes to the center and takes over the Valerie situation so that I can deal with the other two students.  She finds not one, but two different, workable options for Valerie.  We put Valerie in a cab to the intake shelter and then Mopsy sits with me while I try not to dissolve in tears.

Who needs knights when you have such excellent, capable friends?


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