Bowing out.

I have done something I’ve needed to do for a long time.  I quit my night teaching job.  Really.  I know it’s the right thing for me.  Teaching three nights a week on top of my day job and my morning class has really been running me into the ground.  I get home so late and am so utterly exhausted that nothing gets done in any kind of quality way.  All of my 10,000 jobs suffer.

I’m relieved to have done it, but I’m also sad.  I’m going miss seeing the Ed Center staff, miss the sometimes crazy energy that would bounce off the walls of my tiny classroom, miss quick runs to Family Dumpling to grab a $2.00 dinner on my way to class.  I love that night class, love the different vibe in that program.

But I love me, too, and I finally had to accept that, as my night-job boss said, there’s only so much one woman can do in a 24-hour period.

On this Thanksgiving, among the other things I’m grateful for, I’m grateful for the experience of teaching the last two years at the Ed Center.  Those classes gave me back my teaching, re-introduced me to working with teens, blew my mind, pulled all my heart’s strings.

I have a month of class left, and then I think I’ll just sleep for a month.  After that, who knows?  Jay says this leave-taking is really just a sabbatical.  Time will tell.  For now, I’m looking forward to having more of my time to myself.


6 thoughts on “Bowing out.

  1. molly

    Isn’t it great that you didn’t have to choose definitively? I’m sure you need the rest, and also sure that you can find a creative solution. Could you do a mini-course on one topic just once a week, or something like that? Or wouldn’t it be worth it, in terms of contact with the kids? Could you do some tutoring in some form at that center? AFTER a six-months’ rest, of course.


  2. Good self-care move! I recently heard someone say, “How would your life change if you knew that every good thing in it depended on getting a good night’s sleep? Because it does.” (Sorry if that’s a repeat; that pearl of wisdom has been on my mind lately.)


    1. So true about a good night’s sleep, Linda. I’m such a different person when I’m well and fully rested. Maybe I’ll start getting to see that person again once this term ends!


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