I’m always running behind the time …

This month has run so quickly.  I can’t believe today is the 28th.  I had a rude shock this morning, realizing that gift-giving season is upon me and I have no plans for gifts.  Even as I was asking my friends and family not to buy me Christmas presents but to give the money to WE LEARN, I wasn’t registering the fact that still needed to come up with presents for them!  I’ve had so many things to keep up with, making my list and checking it twice kind of fell off the radar screen.

Will I ever be the kind of person who is organized in this way?  Will I ever remember that, if I want to make all my gifts by hand I need to start in February or March because my gift list is long and my craft list is over-ambitious?  Will I ever not drive myself crazy during holiday season?

I’ll let you know if any of these answers ever comes back as something other than ‘No.’


And why do I love YouTube, you ask?  Do you really have to ask?

I love how she sounds in this video, how comfortable she looks and how much she seems to be enjoying herself with this quiet little performance. If you prefer the original — or if, God forbid, you’ve never heard the original — you can listen to it here.


5 thoughts on “I’m always running behind the time …

  1. Hello old Friend (figuratively, not literally:) ),

    I once had the “wait until two days before, head to the store with the other procrastinators, and then purchase what is left “blues. But now I am on a new and improved holiday shopping mantra. I go with list in hand on December 27th of the year before and purchase all the gifts that need be given. This works well since in my family we only buy gifts for the kids. toys for the young ones, jewelry for the teens, and a little something for me, because heck, why not?

    My husband and I usually try to get away right after the holidays for a romantic weekend and the only wrapping you need then is a bow.

    P.S. How do I post you tube videos like the one for the always fabulous Joni Mitchell?


    1. Now that’s organization, Tisha! I don’t think I should aspire to anything so dramatic right from the start. I usually want to make my gifts, so I definitely need to start early. Otherwise, I just wind up rushing to the store at the last minute because the thing I was making isn’t going to be finished in time. Feh.

      So nice to ‘see’ you again! Hope all’s well!


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