I’m asking again: How long?

Last week, thirty-eight members of my state senate joined the ranks of cowardly, bigoted, ignorant, fearful homophobes all around the country by defeating a measure to approve same-sex marriage.

I want someone to explain it in words I can understand, someone intelligent and articulate to help me make it make sense.

What’s the danger, people?  What is it you fear?

No, really.  I want to understand.  I want to.

I read all about it, including this article in the NYTimes. And let me just be clear, this explanation doesn’t cut it:

“Certainly this is an emotional issue and an important issue for many New Yorkers,” said Senator Tom Libous, the deputy Republican leader. “I just don’t think the majority care too much about it at this time because they’re out of work, they want to see the state reduce spending, and they are having a hard time making ends meet. And I don’t mean to sound callous, but that’s true.”

Let me just be sure I’ve understood his point.  Because some people have problems (out of work and struggling to pay the bills, my state government is in a mess … ) it’s ok for other people to be denied a right that I take for granted?  Because, following Libous’ logic, our legislature can’t walk and chew gum, same sex couples just need to sit down and shut up?  Oh, well, now that it’s been explained and all.  That’s really Libous’ answer?  That’s how he justifies his ‘nay’ vote?  Please.  He’s almost as ridiculous with his complete sentences as Senator Diaz is with his inarticulate fumbling.

One bit of data from the vote pleased me.  Again from the Times:

Support was heaviest among members from New York City and Westchester County and among the Senate’s 10 black members. Seven of the Senate’s 10 women voted for it.

I’m not surprised that the NYC members were in favor.  But I’m thrilled to see the black senators holding up the “aye” banner.  Think I’ll send each of them (and the other “yes” voters for that matter) a little thank you note, encourage them to start working on their colleagues so this vote goes the way it needs to next time around.

But that bright light isn’t enough.  In the end, I’m disgusted. Can’t lie about it.  The defeat of this bill saddens, angers and offends the crap out of me.

6 thoughts on “I’m asking again: How long?

    1. There’s actually already talk about the 2010 elections in response to that vote!

      I did get your email. Was just so beat after November to answer before now. I just sent you a “Yes, please, thanks for thinking of me” response!


  1. It’s so disheartening.

    I know that some day in the future, people will be amazed that this was even a controversial issue. I can’t believe how long it’s taking to get there, either.


  2. Sarah Wood

    Amen! It feels so archaic to have such ridiculous laws. My heart goes out to all my gay friends (and straight for that matter) to have to live in a world where a bunch of old men in suits who regularly commit adultery get to tell the public what is right and wrong in love. Is truly saddens me.


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