Classroom Resolutions

I don’t make my resolutions this time of year.  If I can be said to make resolutions at all, it would be the wish-list I write up for my birthday — the start of my personal new year.  So January first is more like a quarterly report.

But this year I’m feeling like making some school resolutions.  There are definitely some things I’d like to see become true about my classroom and my teaching between now and June, so …

  • More integration between my class and the teen peer education program
  • Redesign of our classroom, including getting started on the mural we want to paint on the big wall
  • Publish at least two books of student writing
  • Revisit goal-setting / education plans with everyone
  • Less me, more them
  • Plants!
  • Bring Carlos in to talk about the college transitions program
  • Find better ways to keep my adult and teen students working together
  • Read A Wish After Midnight (thanks for catching the error, Susan!)
  • Work through the geometry and algebra curricula (without suffering my usual math phobia!)
  • Find better science resources

All of these things are important.  Some will, of course, be much easier than others.  I’m really worried that my class is going to be completely teen-i-fied by the end of the year.  I don’t want to lose my ‘real’ adults now that we have so many new young people, and keeping that from happening is on me.

Lots of work to do, starting with Monday’s new student orientation.  I’ve missed my classroom, and I’m looking forward to getting started again.  I had hoped the last two weeks would include a little more time for me to focus on planning for next week … but when has that ever happened?


8 thoughts on “Classroom Resolutions

  1. Stacie,
    Do you mean A Wish After Midnight? What can we do at Color Online to support you? Let’s talk about our book loan being available to your students. Let’s talk about us sponsoring writing contest for them. Do they computer access? Can we bring your students into our community because we want to support what you do.

    Please weigh in on a conversation at Black-Eyed Susan’s. We need to address literacy earlier and when we’re playing catch up we need materials to do that, too.

    I worked with a teen and young adult population and I couldn’t bring them together though my circumstances were different. I had less influence for starters. Still, I’m sensitive to your dilemma because I, too, would like these groups of women to support each other.


    1. Hi, Susan–
      Of course I mean’t “after” and not “before” … (Sorry Zetta, but I’m always and always doing that!).

      We’ve got the book ordered, so I have that part covered (but maybe we can talk about other book loans?). I love-love-love the idea of the writing contest, and I’ve been trying to put together some ideas for getting them connected with other students via the web, so I’d love to talk about that, too.

      Work definitely got in the way of keeping up with you and Zetta and others. Now that I’ve got more time to myself, I’ll actually be able to join this an other conversations with some degree of regularity!


  2. What an excellent list of goals you have, Stacie! I joked last year about needing a quarterly report because I am terrible at follow-through.

    Best wishes to you in 2010!


    1. Thanks for the good wishes. The quarterly report thing really only works for me in January. It’s a time when we’re all sort of pushed to reflect, and it’s a little more than perfect three months after my birthday. I don’t so much every think of checking in at the end of the other quarters! Maybe that’s something I should try this year. My school year runs in quarter-long cycles, so it’s kind of built it. Hmm … I see a plan forming …


  3. Stacie,

    I’m excited to work with you. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. In 2010, I want more collaboration because I think we can do more for more and that’s our shared goal: to support each other.

    Holla when you can.


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