“10 magical words to make a man love me”

I like checking the search terms that lead people to this blog.  I continue to be shocked and angered by the volume of racist searches that drop people on my doorstep (“why are blacks like animals?” “nigger animals” “why black people act nasty” …).  At the same time, I am pleasantly surprsied by how many people search for me specifically (“girlgriot kin blog” shows up a lot).

And then there are curious searches such as the one that makes the title of this post: 10 magical words to make a man love me.  It is both utterly ridiculous and completely sad all at once.  And how does it lead anyone to me?  Well, Google sent this searcher to one of the posts I wrote when I thought my friend Kenrick had died.  The connection? I added the wonderful Inuit poem “Magic Words” to that post.

Poor searcher.  What a disappointment my post must have been.  But no fear.  There were plenty of other worthy search results: an ebook that promises to teach readers how to make anyone fall in love with them, an article detailing the four big signs that will help you gauge whether or not your boyfriend loves you, and any number of articles on how to win back an ex you still love. Oy.

If only there were ten magic words, right?  How easy things would be.  I started writing this post earlier today and was headed in a whole other, sillier direction.  But tonight I came home to a teary phone call from a friend telling me that her husband has left her.  Her husband of nearly twenty years.

I want those ten words right now.  I have other words I’m thinking I’d like to say to him, but she is hurting, she is still in love and wanting to find a way back to being a couple with this man, so I want those ten magic words, want to give them to her right now, tonight, want her to find the secret that will bring him home.

4 thoughts on ““10 magical words to make a man love me”

  1. molly

    Aw, I’m sorry. It’s usally not the magic words, it’s the whole magic thing, and it’s different every time, thank goodness. People, especially, it seems, men, at a certain age worry that life could have offered them something different. They are right, of course — it could have, and it did, offer various alternatives. They wonder if they could have a better time of it, and go looking for what the other life would have been like.
    What they discover is that any choice in the world has tags and attachments. Sometimes they don’t mind that at all, and other times they wake up and want to come “home” just at the same time that their abandoned wives are starting to really enjoy life without them.
    Oh, how hard it is to be a human being!


  2. You’re right, Molly, and I know it. The ability (and responsibility) to make my friend stop hurting isn’t in my hands … but when I heard her voice, heard what she’s been going through … I really wanted that magic to be mine to give.


  3. I’m going to think of those 10 words.. what are my words?

    .. I don’t think a set list would work for everyone.

    At this moment, my 10 words need to go to God. I’ve got stuff I gotta say to Him. 🙂


    1. “Magic Words” is one of my favorite poems. It never occurred to me the ways it would turn up in a search result and lead folks to my blog! Wishing you some magic words of your own!


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