The true meaning of DSL …

… at least in my life seems to be “Damned Sometime-y Link.”  Mine’s been off since late Thursday night.  Feh.

I just spent almost six hours at work.  On a Saturday.  It’s not ideal, but I have to say: I got so much done!  That’s the crazy-making part.  I totally understand why I’m not able to be quite as productive when everyone else is in the building, but I hate having to go in on the weekend to do work I really should be able to get through during my normal working hours.

I wasn’t alone in the building, however.  My boss was in, too.  Her office is down the hall from mine, so we can work alone without really being alone.  So I had my music up — a little Joni Mitchell, a little Juanes, a little Ojos de Brujo — and didn’t have to worry about it bothering her.  At the same time, when I was fumingly frustrated by a couple of things I discovered, I didn’t have to sit and stew over them on my own, I could go down the hall and work through them with her. 

But enough work for one weekend.  Time to pick my hair out to full Cleopatra Jones glory, put on some earrings that won’t freeze to my lobes and go have a glass of wine with my friends.

4 thoughts on “The true meaning of DSL …

  1. I love working on the weekends; sometimes I do it from the comfort of my couch, but sometimes going into the office when no one else is there is also a little bit divine.

    Though having a glass of wine with friends after is the part I haven’t managed… something to work toward! 🙂


    1. Well, the weekend work doesn’t always end with friends and wine. I just got lucky yesterday! I am glad to have gotten so much done. Here’s hoping I can keep this burst of productivity going!


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