Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with several of the ladies who have posed for the adipositivity project. Someone pointed me toward this page a year or so ago, and I was intrigued.  Never would have thought I’d be having pizza with the models, however.

The photographer, who calls herself “Substantia Jones,”  does some really wonderful work.  And the ladies I had dinner with are quite a lot of fun, in addition to being big and beautiful.  They aren’t glamourous (well, ok, one of them was pretty glamourous …), they are ‘regular’ people.  They made me start to think about my own adipositivity … and about whether I could ever pose for Substantia, whether I would ever be able to do that.  Not that I would have to pose nude.  In most photos on the site, the women are clothed.  And not that, if I did pose, you would ever know it was me.  In almost all of the photos, the women’s faces are hidden or out-of-frame.  Posing for Substantia would be entirely about my own experience, about stepping out of my shell, re-embracing the side of me that used to appear in the Mermaid Parade.  I realized, as I looked through the images on the site, that I’ve let mer-Stacie disappear a little.  She hasn’t entirely slipped beneath the surface, but she’s not as front and center as she used to be, either.  Inviting Ms. Jones and her cameras into my cozy little home would definitely serve as a wake-up call …

11 thoughts on “(adi)POSE

  1. molly

    WOW, what a privilege! I would love to be photographed by a professional photographer like this one, a woman with ideals, and get to keep the pictures, and not have to pay for it. Sort of like a visual massage. Go for it (if it appeals to you, of course)!


    1. Oh, I like the idea of it as a visual massage! That’s really great. I’m still thinking about it (although I’ve already decided what I’d want my pose to be …), so we’ll see what happens!


  2. aka Mopsy

    I seem to remember Leonard Nemoy (yes, Mr. Spock) also doing photography of this kind. I think you should go for it – rock your bad self! (That’s ‘bad’ in the nicest use of the word)


    1. You’re right, Mopsy. I heard Nimoy interviewed on NPR a year or so ago about his project. I saw some of the photos, and they’re great. I like the adipositivity photos better, though, because they’re just ‘regular women’ choosing to be photographed, and the photos are done for the most part in the models’ homes. Nimoy’s work is interesting, however, because he was originally a bit freaked out and appalled at the idea of photographing large women. and had to learn to appreciate the beauty of his models by working with them.


    1. I’m really interested in this project because it’s the women who are making all the choices: how much of themselves to show, which parts of their bodies they want to highlight, how they want to pose … I just think the experience must be very empowering.


  3. Q

    Well, I was at that pizza night with you, and I am one of the Adiposers. I just wanted to add that from my angle, it has been a very self-affirming experience to pose. I tell Substantia every time we have a shoot, I’m making strides toward “reclaiming my pretty.”
    Those pizza nights, with other lovely and confident BBWs (Adiposers or not), go a long way toward etching a better mantra in my psyche, one that accepts myself and in turn opens my mind more toward everyone and anyone else.
    Hope you return again to join the fun!


    1. Hey, Q! How excellent to find you here! I actually sat and looked back through all 300+ photos. They’re all quite fabulous. And getting to hang out with all of you always pleases me. I’m still thinking about whether I’ll email Substantia. But, since I’ve already figured out what pose I’d want to do …


      1. Raivenne

        Stacie! As an adiposer and also one of your pizza buddies , I have two words for you: DO IT!

        Q is correct. Few things in your life will be as self-affirming as the day your first Adipose image goes live. Please notice I said “first”. Even if only you and a handul of us fellow adiposers know, YOU will know. And nothng will reclaim Mer-Stacie faster.

        Come join us, we have cookies!!!!


        1. Hey, Raivenne! I’ve been thinking about it more and more. I totally have one pose in mind already, so don’t be surprised when I join the sorority!

          You know, all this adipositivity talk has got me thinking up another idea … getting a bunch of us together for this year’s Mermaid Parade! I can so see us on a float …


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