Blog School

Even as I type this, I am sitting in a class called “Promoting students’ writing and publishing with blogs, digital projects and online content.”

And I think it’ll be good in the end (it’s already good: I’ve just been introduced to Powerpoint Jeopardy, and the very fab-looking/seeming Digital Story Telling page!), but I’m such a bad student.  Because I already know something about blogging, I just want to jump ahead, and I’m definitely not paying the kind of attention I should be (after all, here I am typing this post instead of giving my full focus to the class …).  This is a bad way for me to be in the group, I know.  It is, in fact, a lot like my students and their unswerving attention to their Sidekicks and iPhones.  But I can’t say that I’m surprised.  In my experience, teachers can make perfectly awful students.

I really like the woman who’s leading the workshop.  She has very good ideas about teaching, about the kinds of classrooms we should be trying to create for our students.  And she’s put together a lot of resources for us to check out.  I’m going to try to start a class blog using Edublogs another hosting service … but my first experiences with trying to set up that page are making me want to just come home to WordPress and stop messing around.  Go with what I know, right?  We’ll see.

I’ve just posted a free-write poem on the blog created for the class.  I kind of like it:


The clear light of earliest morning
Edinburgh is blue
Like crystal, like water
Cool and clear
White sunlight glancing off glass fronts
Highland skies alight

But then
First glimpse of Caribbean
First shock of warm-hot surreality
A blue that can’t be
A blue that should have been a touch-up artist’s creation
Twenty-seven blues that you’ve never seen before
Stretching out over and away
Blue like something you can only dream

Even at night
Dark, secret, the soft shushing of waves on sand

Ok.  Time to pay attention!


8 thoughts on “Blog School

  1. I think you should share this poem with her. THe tools are there and you should be able to use them and take what you need from her. Do you Troy Hicks, The Digital Writing Workshop? Terrific new book about moving the writing workshop to the web…
    He’s keynoting a conference we are planning in New Paltz and you are invited. April 10!


    1. I did share my poem with her (we all did). It was fun to just suddenly write and share a poem that way.

      I don’t know Troy Hicks or his workshop, but I’m interested. I’ll check out the book. Can you email me about the conference? I might be able to go!


    1. Yeah, me too! This is going to be very interesting. My current group of students is … well … a little less … manageable than previous groups. Setting them loose online might be opening the door to chaos!


    1. Thanks, Molly. I haven’t written a poem in a while (fell out of my tanka phase months ago!), and I was surprised by how easily this one came to me. I guess writing all those tanka really primed the pump.


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