A Winter Wonderland at Last!

So last weekend when all my neighbors were stocking up on Friday night to get ready for Saturday’s BIG STORM … nothing happened.  We got a little dusting of pretty, soft snow. 

(Just for the record, Fox and my mom got a little more:

 And this is just from Saturday.  In the last six days, they’ve gotten about four-and-a-half feet!)

I was disappointed with last weekend, had really been looking forward to a real and true storm.

We got about halfway there yesterday.  The forecast was calling for a blizzard, but we never quite worked up that kind of drama.  We did get some snow, though:

 … and there’s more forecast for Monday. 

My fingers are crossed!


4 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland at Last!

  1. We got a blizzard and the next morning was tough as well. But it was gorgeous. I suffered from cabin fever by the evening, after being inside for 24 hours. I made myself a good drink and enjoyed fun food in my freezer and it was all okay with my diet mission.
    All good and it’s back to normal today. Enjoy the weekend and time off for the celebration of Presidents we love!


    1. You know it’s funny. I love spending time in my house, not having to be anywhere, just getting to laze around and read or write or knit, or rearrange my furniture or redo my bookshelves or whatever. I always think I could spend days and days and never leave the house … and maybe that would be true when it was my choice to stay in for days and days, but I go nuts the moment I am suddenly unable to leave the house for any reason.

      Glad things were back to normal for you after only 24 hours!


  2. Stacie,
    Our April 10th tech conference is scheduled for BOCES in New Paltz and we have an evening session as well. You are invited to both. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you a flyer as we get closer


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