It’s time for the WE LEARN conference!  I left for Providence after my class this morning and here I am, happily curled up in my fab king-sized hotel bed, ready to get going tomorrow.

This year the conference is even more special to me than usual.  For the first time, we have a group of students presenting a workshop!  I’m really excited for the ladies who are presenting and can’t wait for them to get here tomorrow.  It’ll be so great to share the conference with them.

Friday night there will be an informal hang out/perform/dance/open mic/whatever here at the hotel.  The women who are coming up from Belize (how excellent that we have a group of learners coming up from Belize!) will be dancing, and one of the students from my program is going to do a dance — with costumes — from her state in Mexico in honor of La Virgen de Guadalupe.  I don’t have anything like that to share, but I’m thinking I’ll read some of Lucille Clifton’s poetry.  I’d love to say I could do a sassy rendition of “Homage to My Hips,” but I don’t think I’m quite that bold, even among friends as I am here! We’ll see how that shakes plays out.

So, so, so glad to be here.  As I got out of the cab at the hotel tonight, the first people I saw were two wonderful ladies from NYC who are GED grads who’ve become real leaders in the adult ed community.  So I left home and felt right at home at the same time.  Excellent.


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10 thoughts on “WE LEARN 2010

    1. Thanks, Mrs. V! And thanks for checking out the website. WL is pretty special. The people involved in the organization and the work are all inspiring and important. I’m so proud to be part of this wonderful group.


    1. Thanks, Bonnie. I almost chickened out, but in the end I got up and read Clifton’s poem and got a nice little ovation! The open mic was so much fun. The costumes that the women from my program brought were spectacular, and the dancing was fun. We had singers, storytellers and comediennes, besides. It was really a lot of fun, just the kind of warm, fun event I’ve come to expect from WE LEARN. I know we’re all about adult education, but do you ever work with family literacy programs? There may be some carry over for your work in what we do. I’ll let you know where next year’s event will be. There are a few cities on the short list!


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