I remember …

… why I love working in adult ed, why I can’t imagine another profession pleasing me as much as this one does, why the headaches of budget juggling and paperwork are so worth it, why I work weekends and late into the night to get grant proposals written, why I keep coming back to this conference year after year.

This morning was all about set-up, getting the space decorated and ready for tomorrow and Saturday, getting it ready for this afternoon.  This afternoon was the pre-conference: “Journeys to the Center,” a half day of conversation and reflection on bringing the whole self to our learning and work, on reconnecting with our spiritual selves and integrating that into our practice.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but was (as yesterday’s giddy post may have made plain) really looking forward to it.  We were a small group today, almost half and half learners and practitioners, and the conversation was wonderful — rich, honest, funny, touching.  A great way to get us started on this weekend of working together.  Can’t wait to get back to our wonderful space tomorrow and keep this energy buidling.

One of my favorite bits from the day … the shrinky-dink pendants our California board members made of our conference logo.  Who even knew shrinky-dinks were still out there in the world, ready to be turned into something so fun and cute and wearable?  I feel a new arts and crafts project coming on …


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2 thoughts on “I remember …

  1. Elizabeth

    Yeah. . . shrinky-dinks. They’re still going strong out here in California, for some reason. What I liked about this post was the energy getting all wound up, getting ready to spring into the conference. You capture that well in your writing.

    Nice to see you again around the Slice of Life Table.



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