On to the Next!

Another fantastic conference comes to an end.  I heard some really wonderful things these last few days:

“I’ve never felt so welcome anywhere the way I did here.”

“I can’t tell who’s a learner and who’s a teacher.  We’re all just women together.”

“I never knew what it meant to have women as friends, to trust women.”

“I learned so much.”

“I come here to be re-energized.”

“I will definitely be back next year.”

“I learned so much, and I can take this back to my community.”

 This was such a good year.  We had so many students — 40% of our participants were students this year.  More than ever before.  That was pretty exciting.

Tomorrow is our first board meeting of the new year — conference debrief, meeting planning for the year and setting our task lists.  Work, but very satisfying on the heels of the last three excellent days.


Check out the rest of the slices of life over at Stacey and Ruth’s.


2 thoughts on “On to the Next!

  1. I love how you captured bits of dialogue and put it all together, one after another. It gives such a deep glimpse into the conference. What a great idea — I’ll have to snatch this up as a writer. 🙂
    Happy writing, Ruth


  2. Snatch away, Ruth! I wish I had thought to jot down more of the women’s comments. There were some wonderful comments in our closing circle … throughout the three days, actually. I’m definitely not the only one who came away feeling revitalized.


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