Beat to My Socks

I’m home tonight, looking forward to climbing into my own bed and curling up under my own comforter.  I love traveling, loved being at WE LEARN, love king size beds that someone else is responsible for making up … but I really love coming back to my own room and my own bed.

Today turned out to be much more exhausting than I’d expected, so I am more than a little bleary-eyed and cranky right now.  I think it’s the combination of planning a few months’ work for WE LEARN, taking on some bigger responsibilities, remembering the forty-leven things I have waiting for me in my office this week, and not really feeling like I had this afternoon or this evening to just relax and ignore all of that.

I’ve got pages of conference notes and planning ideas to sort through in the next week or so, pages of resources I want to check out to use in my class, numbers and emails of ladies I need to be in touch with sooner rather than later to keep the conference momentum building … and I can hear stress scratching at my window, but I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will quiet that. 


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4 thoughts on “Beat to My Socks

  1. I agree.

    I don’t care how exited I am to run off to each new adventure; and the further away the larger the excitement builds. once it’s done, I also can’t wait to get home . Even when I know it’s going to take five days to catch up on the three days of work left behind, Dorothy said it best “There’s no place like home”.


    1. So, so true! Even when I hate to leave the place I’ve sent myself to (like when I go to JA, for instance), I do love getting back to my own house and my own things and settling into my space again.


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