Not exactly an apple …

I have had students who have taken to heart the whole ‘apple for the teacher’ thing.  If I weren’t allergic to apples, I would probably find it even cuter than I already find it.  I had one student who figured out really quickly that she could substitute other fruit for apples: mangoes, for instance, or pomegranates, or grapes. 

Generally speaking, I don’t hope that my students will bring me anything other than their homework.  And usually they don’t … except when they do.

Meet my homies.  Or, to be more specific, meet the three homies girls I was given by one of my students.  In connection with … well, nothing, he put them in my hand.  “I brought you something.”

I am happy to admit that I am woefully out of any loop that includes these little dolls (“little” being key: they each stand about 1¼” high.) I thought and still think they are strange little things.  What’s the point, after all?  But what do I know?  It would seem they have already achieved a level a fame well beyond my modest imaginings.  They have a website, for heaven’s sake!

And now they’re mine.  I’m not allergic to them, so they get higher marks than all the apples in my past.  The question is what to do with them now?  I find them bizarre and fabulous all at once.  I think I should be at least a little bit offended by them, but they’re too adorable for that … and I find myself just a little bit tempted to collect all the girls in the group.


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6 thoughts on “Not exactly an apple …

  1. molly

    Here’s my suggestion: each evening, tell each one of these little, little girls one of your big problems, and let THEM worry about it all night. (that’s what they do with tiny dolls in Mexico)


  2. Oh yes, worry dolls. My daughters and nieces used to make them with toothpicks and embroidery floss. I believe they also recommended putting the little dolls under your pillow to chase your worries away. Wouldn’t that be grand! Hmmm …wonder where they went. I may still have one hanging around in the junk drawer.


    1. I love the worry doll idea. I have a little woven bag of worry dolls that were a gift from my Mexican sister, Mercedes. I think the Homies Girls need to join that tiny club!


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