Hail Shower

We had Hail this morning!  It wasn’t big hail, just sort of baby-raindrop-sized.  One second there was just rain and then suddenly there was this crazy-loud clattering that made me go look out the window.  I guess the loudness was because there are wooden steps right outside my window and the hail on the wood made a great sound.

My second year at summer camp, I was in Mildred’s nature room one afternoon when we had a hail storm.  There was a kid with us named Robbie Hale, and he got so excited.  He ran outside and danced around in it shouting, “It’s hailing!  It’s hailing!  It’s just for me!”  I thought he was nuts.  Mildred laughed and shook her head and went back to her work.*  Just when I was thinking it might be fun to run out and dance around with him, it stopped.

This morning, the hail was mixed with big, thick raindrops that splashed onto the wooden steps and the slate pavers.  It made me smile.  I guess hail’s not good news to everyone, but I’ve always liked it.  It was really just a tiny shower, but it was great while it lasted.


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*  And when I say “her work,” who knows what that means?  With Mildred it could have been anything: making a terrarium, dissecting a chipmunk, making chokecherry jam … any of the ten thousand excellent things she’d be doing in there.

12 thoughts on “Hail Shower

    1. Maybe I like it so much because I don’t get to see it that often? I think I’ve seen hail maybe four times in my life? Absence definitely makes my heart grow fonder!


  1. I too am smiling at the wonderfully joyous imagery of Hale dancing in hail. I don’t think I’d want to dance in even rice grain-sized hail (even the tiny ones sometimes hurt!) but I can imagine his joy.


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