Tonight I had writers’ group.  I almost didn’t make it.  I had a grant proposal I had to get out before I left work … and it took a lot longer to finish than I thought it would, making me almost two hours late to group.

My writers’ group has existed a lot longer than I’ve been in it … and I’ve been in it forever at this point.  The group is all women, and our membership has shifted and changed over the years, and we all write all different kinds of things.  We’ve had essayists and novelists and poets and playwrights and short story writers and combinations of all things.  We’re pretty small right now, but we’ll probably blossom out again.  I like our ‘small,’ however.  It’s very comfortable for me.

I’m supposed to be writing a chapter for the next anthology of practitioner writing that WE LEARN is going to publish in 2011.  My proposal was accepted forever ago … and then I promptly lost all ability to write even one word on the topic.  The deadline (twice extended, mind you) is coming up at the end of this week … so I finally managed to pull together some crazy, swirling, all-over-the-place notes in order to have something to send to the group so I could get some feedback and to help me get down to business.  And then I couldn’t seem to get out of the door and get to the meeting.

But then I finally did.

Good Chinese food, some not-so-bad (and even better because it’s free) white wine, lots of excellent conversation, and much needed and welcome criticism of my draft.  Just the kind of therapy I needed tonight.  I have work to do, but I’m feeling so much better right now (and that’s not the wine talking … I swear!).

Thank you, ladies!


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10 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Sounds wonderful Stacie. I’m jealous but I do have a great but tiny book club. I’m one of three. Of course we all love books and love to be together. We don’t always talk books but that’s okay. What a great reason to meet


    1. Yes, my writers’ group is so good for me. I’m in a small book group, too, and I really enjoy it. I used to be very shy about giving my opinion about things I’d read, so sure I didn’t have anything valuable or intelligent to add to a conversation, but being in the group has rid me of that shyness. Spending time with smart, funny, warm people is always a good thing, right?


  2. Isn’t it refreshing to spend time with a supportive group. It is a great way to feed the creative spirit and recharge. A writing group sounds like fun. I love my book club and am gradually becoming more actively involved with the daily slicing. Thanks for your inspiring words each day.


    1. Thanks, Theresa. I love the slicing challenge. It really pushes me to focus on my writing every day. I slack off more than a little with my writers’ group. There’s usually at least one other person who has things to share, so I can be kind of lazy when the rest of my life is very busy. With the SOLSC, I have to sit down and put some words together every day. I love that.


  3. It is great being a part something that inspires creativity isn’t it? Constructive critique, praise and yes, a glass (or two) of wine can indeed be the oil that loosens the cog which gets the gears going.


    1. Yes, that welcoming environment always makes me feel more myself! And I love that this restaurant just keep bringing out a new carafe (red or white) every time they see one is empty. It’s a clever business policy, I have to say!


  4. I was “encouraged” (meaning told in no uncertain terms that I MUST) to join a writer’s group recently. Now that I’m over the sheer, mind-numbing terror of it, I’m sort of excited to find one.


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