Girls Night In

There are about seven other things I could or should be doing tonight, but I’ve set them all aside.  Some of them were even fun and exciting things to do, but they required being able to get out of town overnight, and I’ve got to work tomorrow (feh), so they’re out of the running.  I could have stayed later at work to finish unpacking (the actual move of my office finally happened today, and my new office looks like a storage room of my mess right now — hence the need to go to work tomorrow).  I need to be home finishing the chapter I have to submit tomorrow, but …

Instead I’m here, sitting on the cushy ottoman at A and J’s house.  It’s Craft night on Ocean Parkway!

I’ve got knitting in my bag (and writing), and I really need to be relaxing right now.  So craft night it is.  I’ll get a little further on my gorgeous merino lace shawl, and I’ll get to hang out with wonderful women, eat good food, and recharge my batteries.


20 thoughts on “Girls Night In

  1. Work life balance is an ongoing challenge for all of us. Making good decisions is a practiced art. Relax, turn off your mind and float down stream said the Beatles -oh so right sometimes…


  2. I LOVE craft nights!! A good chance to hang with the people who feed our creative souls and, like you said, recharge. I think it’s a great reason to put other duties off!


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