I wore my charm bracelet for the first time in ages the other day.  I’ve stopped wearing it because the clasp needs fixing and I don’t want to lose it.  But I was missing it, so I put it on and went out.  By mid-day — after it had almost fallen off several times — I had put it in my purse for safe-keeping.

My mother made this for me between my 15th and 18th birthdays, and I love it.  I love it because she chose each charm for me and about me; I love it because it’s delicate and pretty; I love it because it makes a wonderful jingling sound when I wear it; and I love it because there isn’t another one like it.  Need to get that clasp fixed so I can start wearing it on the regular again.


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11 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. I love this slice. I somehow hadn’t thought of charm bracelets as a unique piece of jewelry. I just ordered two charms for friends to commemorate events. Now I have a new perspective on how they add.


    1. Oh, I think they’re so special. I don’t want to take anything away from people who buy/wear pre-made charm bracelets, but the magic of that piece for me is the thought my mom had to put into it, my anticipation each birthday and Christmas of what charm I’d receive, the surprise of getting one as a gift at some random time … Gee, can you tell that I really love my bracelet?


  2. This is beautiful. I unfortunately have no jewelry that has lasted from childhood, but I do have a platinum charm bracelet that I purchased myself. I add charms for special occasions like the birth of my children; to represent hobbies; and others for the bling of it all. I love my bracelet and I wear it almost everyday.


    1. I have a friend who is making her own bracelet, too. Seeing hers — and hearing the lovely jingle of her gold charms — has made me start thinking I should do the same … or maybe continue where my mom left off!


  3. You get that clasp fixed and I’ll get a new necklace for a great charm that Tuvia got for me. How’s that?
    You have a gorgeous piece there to be wearing and remembering in the moment


    1. I have lots of jewelry that I love, and every piece is special to me in some way, but this particular piece definitely holds a deeper place in my heart. I doubt my mom imagined it would ever be so special to me, but who can predict such things?


  4. Elizabeth

    I love my charm bracelet too. It began with the first one from my mother at age 12: a sterling silver telephone, because I talked to my friends a lot on the phone. She gave me the next ones too: charms from our time in Peru when I was age 12-14. I have charms for my children, charms for my wedding to my husband (a little tiny ring), charms from our honeymoon in Austria (a teensy little cuckoo-clock) and some of our trips abroad.

    I like mine too, for all the same reasons. I hardly wear it because it’s so noisy, but every once in a while–if the class is doing group work and will be noisy themselves–I wear it!

    lovely post–


    1. This is so wonderful, Elizabeth! Your bracelet sounds beautiful. You’re right, however, it can be a bit noisy. I actually wore mine again today (last time before getting it fixed!) … and this was the wrong day for it, as we were testing and the classroom needed to be quiet!


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